frequently asked questions

1. Why start a new church?

Several reasons converge. First, we desire to honor Christ and His church, which is grounded on expository preaching, meaningful worship and disciple making (evangelism and building up the body of Christ). Second, we desire to have a core group of believers who are committed to worship, to pray, to serve, to give, and who desire to share the gospel with others. At the end of the day, Christ builds His church and we are commissioned to make disciples.

2. Will we have child care?

Children are welcome in our worship service at 10 a.m. At first, we will not have the resources immediately to provide a children’s ministry. We are hopeful that new leaders will take ownership to provide a children’s ministry. We will do our best to offer assistance during the worship time. We do have a nursery with workers. 

3. Do you intend for people to participate in giving financially to the church?

Simply, yes. We are grateful for our current facility. We plan to use the property as our permanent location and are hopeful that people will see the facility as inviting place of hospitality.

4. What commitment are you making to the longevity of this church?

In starting a church, we do not want to be presumptuous with statements. Our hope is that the Lord will work in and through us to exalt the person and work of Jesus Christ. We are committed to starting the endeavor knowing God will bless and lead his people to respond and bring unbelievers in contact with the new work. We also recognize that God closes doors as so to redirect our man-made plans.  

5.  What programs will you have in place?

We are primarily focused on Sunday morning worship at 10 am. We intend to add ministries as the church grows. We  are not beginning with a full set of programs.  We have chosen to start and allow the Lord to lead His people in participating in our gathering events. Our commitment is to provide a foundation of biblical expository preaching and to encourage the church in disciple-making.

6. What is our worship or music like?

We seek to organize our worship using a simple structure. We sing a variety of song selections and genres from historic hymns to contemporary songs. Normally, Sunday worship has a piano, keyboard and a guitar playing with a few leaders leading the congregation. We pray, we read the Scriptures and hear from God's word. We use a variety of responsive readings that the collective church says unison.

7. Do you celebrate the Lord's Supper and do you perform Baptisms?

We seek to practice the Lord's teaching of coming together on the first of the month to pause and remember Christ's death for sin and his resurrection from the dead. We believe communion is best practiced in the gathered body that assembles together. We believe those participating in Communion should know Christ as their Savior and have repented of their sin.  

Baptism is conducted upon request. Both Baptism and the Lord's Supper do not cause one to be "born again"  and are not considered for salvation. The practices are individual acts of obedience or marks of following Christ.

7. How can I individually help?  

Worship. Pray. Come. Give. Grow. Share Christ with others. Make disciples for the Glory of God.