Fall Ministry Update


    Our Church hosted a Back to School Bash in August donating over 200 bags full of school supplies for kids to use for the upcoming school year.  Hotdogs, chips, drinks, and sno-cones were available to everyone there. Jumping castles and obstacle courses were a huge hit with all the kids. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a huge success.

  • Halloween Candy Bags

    This year members of the church handed out over 165 bags of candy to kids in neighborhoods throughout the city of Ottawa. The goal was to distribute to more kids in the city than just the neighborhood around the church property. Each bag contained  candy, an invitation card to our church and a postcard invitation to some of our upcoming events!!

  • Mom and Me Playgroup

    River Valley Church started a Mom and Me playgroup in October.  One new mom and her two children attended the group. The playgroup is a time for moms to come and meet new friends while letting their kids play in a safe environment. Please see Erin Love or Lisa Badal if you have any questions.

  • Men's Dinner and Discussion

    On October 21, the church hosted its first Men's Dinner. 12 (men and boys) attended the event. Food prepared by 5B's was purchased from a local fundraiser and served. Steve Carr led a discussion on prayer. Plans are in the works to host another event soon!!

  • Coffee Connection

    Coffee connection is a time of fellowship that is open to the public that provides the opportunity to meet new people. Coffee Connection meets on the 1st Friday of each month.  Coffee, tea and treats are provided!!! Please see Mikki Dudley if you have any questions.

  • New Members

    To become a member of River Valley Church each individual must meet the following guidelines.

    • Attend River Valley Church for at least 3 months.
    • Prepare a written personal testimony of faith and share it with the church's Elders.  May also share testimony during a worship service.
    • Attend a membership course that review's our church's doctrine and history.
    • Sign the Doctrinal Statement and the church's current constitution.
    • Serve in the church.

    The following individuals have met all of these requirements, and River Valley Church has welcomed them as new members!

    Bill Peterson

    Karen Peterson

    Pam Kruswicki

    Kathy Hardee

  • Missions Update!!

    Czech Republic Update from Sean and Sarah Smith

    This fall was a great start to the school year! This is the first year that our college is full - with three classes. Our students are from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Albania. We were able to meet in-person for our first week-long class intensive for ForMission college, and everyone was able to come.  We often heard students talking with one another, sharing ministry tips and strategies, and encouraging one another. In between the intensives, we are meeting in online weekly small groups, which focuses on personal formation, ministry formation, missional formation, and spiritual formation.

    Sean is leading tutorials for students also, which focuses on things such as how to learn better, how to help others in their churches catch the vision for being mission-focused, and how to do better research. Sean has also been meeting with a student each week. Last year, this student had a very difficult time balancing his studies and ministry, turning in assignments, and was often very discouraged. By the end of the summer, he was given a choice - either he needed to quit going to ForMission, or he needed to repeat the year. Sean had met with him throughout the summer and continues to meet with him weekly. He encouraged the student to repeat the year, because we see so much potential in this student. Now that he has begun the school year, his entire demeanor has changed. He feels built up and motivated to learn. He recently told Sean that, even though he took these classes before, he is learning much more than he did last year - like the material is coming alive! It has even begun to affect his ministry. He was asked to give a talk at an evangelistic event and he said that, although he was nervous, he had an incredible response - everyone (non believers included) stood up an clapped at the end, many in tears, saying they were moved by what he said about God. This student then used a reflective practice we use in the school to begin to process how the Holy Spirit worked through him so that he can participate with the Spirit again the next time he was asked to give a talk. It has been an honor to walk alongside this student.

    Sean has been able to meet with a local leader of a house church weekly to both practice Czech and to disciple him. Sarah has been able to meet with a few girls from our church and to encourage them, pray for them, and help them process what they are learning in the Bible.

    We are so thankful for River Valley's partnership in this ministry of empowering and equipping young leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. It is truly an honor to be an extension of your congregation here!

    Q Place Update from Nancy Klaassen

    On October 2, Q Place facilitators and participants gathered at River Valley Church for a retreat. Our goals were to provide a refreshing environment for all, to equip facilitators, to present the Gospel to anyone who doesn't know Jesus, and to have an uplifting and encouraging time together. God helped us meet those goals as 28 people met in the fellowship hall. We watched skits, participated in discussions at our tables, worshiped in song, heard from God's Word, prayed on our own for an extended period of time, ate together, and received training.

    In addition, Q Place has a new workshop opportunity for people to be trained in facilitating Q Place Bible discussions in church small groups. The workshop is called How to Lead a Thriving Small Group Bible Study. This workshop is available for any small group leaders from any churches, including River Valley Church. The training helps Christians learn how to lead thriving small group studies so they can grow in community and in Scripture--and also be in a better position to start groups with seekers who are outside of churches.

    Sabrina (Compassion Child) Update from Mikki Dudley

    Sabrina Primrose Joseph was born 4/23/2000 in Haiti.  She lives in the coastal community of Pierre Payen which has approximately 16,300 residents.  Our Church started sponsoring her in 2010.  She is now 21 years old and is attending university.  She is learning graphic design and other computer functions.  She lives with her father and helps out with household chores such as sewing, washing clothes, and carrying water.  At the Pierre Payen Child Development Center she learns Bible teachings, medical care, health instruction, educational classes and recreational activities.  Mikki Dudley has been corresponding with her since 2016 and has received 3-4 letters each year.  Covid 19 has slowed her studies at university, but she is excited about taking her classes online.  She may graduate out of the Compassion program this next April.  Mikki is sure  that  the Compassion Program, especially learning about Jesus, and the support and correspondence from River Valley Church has helped her through some very difficult times in Haiti.  She has suffered through poverty, hurricanes, earthquakes, and political strife, but is still excited about her future.   

  • Upcoming Events

    Coffee Connection- November 5th @ 9am

    Thanksgiving Lunch-Plan to stay for a time of Thanksgiving and Fellowship after the service.  Please bring a dessert to share.  RSVP to gayle.swart@myrivervalleychurch.org

    Bible Study- November 9th @ 7pm in the fellowship hall. Zoom options are available if needed.

    Mom and Me playgroup- November 12th @ 10am

    Kids Church- Starting November 14th,  during the worship service. Please see Kathy Hardee or Lisa Badal about serving in this ministry.

    Bible Study- November 16th @ 7pm in the fellowship hall. Zoom options are available if needed.

    Coffee Connection- December 3rd @ 9am

    Mom and Me Playgroup- December 10th @ 10am

    Kids Church- December 12th, during the worship service

    Lessons in Carols- December 19th, during the service

  • Serving Opportunities

    Christmas decorating

    Church Constitution Committee

    Church Parsonage Remodeling Committee

    Sunday morning greeters

    Audio/Visual presentation

    Sunday morning Hospitality


    Children’s Ministry